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Production principle of hollow brick machine:
First of all, pay attention to the thickness of materials in the production process of hollow brick machine. There shall be no coarse aggregate or other different or hard materials mixed in the mixing material (with a diameter of more than 2cm), especially steel parts and other solid objects, so as to avoid damage to mechanical parts.
There are two sets of AC and DC power supply in the hollow brick machine control box. The signal output is transferred from the intermediate relay to the AC contactor or solenoid valve coil for execution. The line mark hand port line is correctly matched and complete when leaving the factory. Good grounding is required for site installation. Non professional electricians are not allowed to change the wiring of strong and weak circuits by short circuit or jumper without permission. In case of any abnormality, they should consult the nearest after-sales technical service organization and deal with it.
ItemBlockProduction capacityPhoto
1Hollow/Solid block 400-200-200mm4 pcs/mold 4608 pcs/8h
2Hollow/Solid block 400-150-200mm5 pcs/mold 5760 pcs/8h
3Hollow/Solid block 400-100-200mm7 pcs/mold 8064 pcs/8h
4Houdi block 500-120-200mm6 pcs/mold 6912 pcs/8h
5S shape paver 225-112.5-60mm12 pcs/mold 13824 pcs/8h
6I shape paver 200-160-60mm8 pcs/mold 9216 pcs/8h
7Holland paver 200-100-60mm14 pcs/mold 16128 pcs/8h
4. Material Consumption Here we take 400*200*200mm hollow block as example and 10% cement in raw material
Size of Block400*200*200mm
Capacity per day4608 blocks
Consumption of Cement per day6900KG
Consumption of Sand and stone per day62200KG
1.Check whether the upper mold part is loose, and clean the attachment of the upper mold part
2. Clean up the sundries, sand and dust on and around the upper mold hydraulic cylinder. Check whether the nut is loose and whether the oil pipe joint is loose.
3. If the upper mold synchronous bearing gland and gear are loose, handle it in time.
4. Check whether the upper vibration transmission is loose.
5. Check whether each part of the lower formwork is loose, clean the attachments of each part of the lower formwork, pay attention to safety during cleaning, and top the wood block between the upper and lower formwork.
6. If the nut of the lower molding rod is loose, adjust and lock it in time.
7. Check whether the lower die oil cylinder, cross beam connecting parts, fasteners and oil pipe joints are loose.
8. The impurities in the groove of the lower vibration support plate shall be removed.China Brick Making Machinery factory

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