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Home appliance mould includes TV mould, refrigerator mould, washing machine mould, fan mould, microwave mould, rice cooker mould and so on. We also make the plastic parts of the home appliance mould if customer requires. How to choose a good plastic household mould maker? How to make a good household mould? This is all is the problems when we want to make a high quality home appliance mould.
First I think we need to go to check what does the factory produce and ask the progress of other products. The effect will be much better. Focus on the factory quality, a good plastic mould factory not only have a wonderful propaganda but also the other things like attitude for the plastic mould making progress. Second, take TV mould, air conditioner an example, we adopt DIN1.2738 mould material to manufacture the mould, we stress on the surface of the mould of high polishing, CNC milling. The mold running is full automatically, the mould life is 800K. The mould runner gate is two or four pin point gate. One cavity cycle time is 48s to 50s. All of these mould delivery time is 65-80 days.
We have 10 years experience in mould industry. We are your best partner to make plastic mould!
For the plastic drawer consists of three parts container cap and stents. The three parts should be fitting very well otherwise will be easy stuck.
On the bottom of the drawer there has two parts design as limit position avoid the drawing drop outer.
Drawer will be easy deformation if the injection parameter is not adjusted well or the cooling condition is not good. We must find some methods to avoid this deformation.
The plastic melting and shrinkage are also very important for plastic drawer mould.
What do before injection mold flow analysis?
Please kindly noted that we will provide our DFM analysis before the mold flow analysis to confirm basic mold concept such as gate location, cooling, parting line, inserts location, slider and lifter etc. Also during the DFM analysis we also will report the plastic design issue.
We also do the mould flow analysis before mould making. Moldflow injection molding simulation software with simulation tools that can help you validate and optimize plastic parts, injection molds and injection molding processes. The software is able to provide guidance to designers, mold makers, engineers, through simulation and analysis show how the position of the gate, materials, wall thickness and geometry changes affect manufacturability.
Parts MaterialPlastic injection molding grade, such as PE, PVC ABS, PC, PP, POM, PA6( PA66, GF filled), PMMA, PET, PBT etc.
Cav.& Cor. MaterialP20, H13,S136, NAK80, 718, 2738, 2316, SKD61 etc;
Mold BaseLKM, DME, HASCO or Customize according to customers' requirements;
Cavity quantity1*1, 1+1, 1*2, 1+1+1, etc.
Shot RunnerCold or Hot Runner_ HASCO/DME/YUDO etc.
Mold lifetime100K to 1500k shots or according to customers' quantity condition to decide it with saving cost for our customers.
Soft waresCAD/CAM/CAE, UG, Pro/E, Catia, Solid works etc.
PackageWooden case packing or OEM packing
Why choose EURA:
ItemsEURA Mould
1Price strategyReasonable
2Fast serviceResponse:

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