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Our History
Surgaid Medical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd has been committed to surgical product development ,production and marketing for 10 more years . In particular, minimally invasive surgical products. Minimally invasive surgery is a surgical direction of development. Such as Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar, Linear Cutter Stapler, Circular Stapler, PPH, and so on.
Manufacturing our own Surgical products allows us to have complete control over the design and evolution of our products. We are able to adapt quickly to the constantly evolving healthcare market and offer high quality, single-use, cost-effective solutions that directly compete with global market-leaders.
Our Factory
Surgaid Medical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd is one of the subsidiary company of Double Medical Technology Inc.(Ticker Symbol: SHE:002901). Mainly focus on Surgical area and related products only.
Our Product
Surgaid Medical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd produce our own Surgical products.
Products include:
Access System
Surgical Stapling
Product Application
Complete range of surgical products series and prime quality ensure our products widely used in different surgical departments, such as cardiothoracic surgery,intestines and stomach,proctology department,gynecology department and so on.
Our Certificate
Our company is committed to manufacturing at the highest quality standards and all products produced conform to the requirements of the Medical Device Directive. Working to ensure our Quality Management system conform to International Standard ISO 13485:2016, SFDA, Medical Device Directive 93/43/EEC (CE), Health Canada and Anvisa.
Production Equipment
We actively invest in both cutting edge technology and equipment, as well as in the people who design, develop and manufacture all of our high quality surgical products.
Our facility meets the following standards 鈥?ISO13485:2016,Health Canada (CMDCAS)
Double Medical has branches in over 30 provinces and cities and is cooperating with more than 3,500 hospitals and nearly 1,000 business enterprises in China; its products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions that include EU, Russia, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and South Africa.
Our Service
Single use. Cost-effective. Global, made in Surgaid. We are proud to be servicing the most demanding healthcare system in the world. We have made it to our mission to only provide products offering maximum benefit to patients, attending physicians and partners. We are committed to delivering our goods in the best possible quality and at consistently fair prices.Surgical Staplers factory

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