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Company/Institution/Governance name: Brazilian Association of Energy Waste Recovery - ABREN

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The Brazilian Association of Energy Waste Recovery (ABREN) aims to promote the energy recovery of waste, simultaneously solving two major current problems in Brazil and the world: the destination of solid waste and the generation of clean energy.

The problem of waste, produced in increasingly monumental quantities, damaging the environment, biodiversity and public health, has come to have a solution, that of energy recovery.

ABREN is part of the Global Waste to Energy Research and Technology Council (GWC), a prominent technology and research institution that operates in several countries, headquartered in New York City, United States, with the objective of promoting the best practices of integrated management and waste through its energy recovery, known as Waste-to-Energy (WTE) or Energy from Waste (EfW). ABREN's Executive President is also the President of WtERT Brasil, thus representing the Global Council of WtERT (GWC).

ABREN is an associate of the International Solid Waste Association or International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and the Federation of German Industry for Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management or Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Rohstoffwirtschaft e. V. (BDE), which allows ABREN to receive relevant information on the international waste market, participate in events, integrate technical work groups and seek the exchange of knowledge for the development of the Brazilian market.

Our Goals

1) Representing Associated Companies
Represent companies that perform waste energy recovery, recycling, composting, reverse logistics, waste energy recovery equipment manufacturers, according to their individual or collective demands regarding contact with national and international, public organizations and private.

2) Monitor the Processing of Proposals
Monitor the processing of proposals, bills and provisional measures of interest to members in the National Congress, state legislative assemblies, the Federal District and municipal legislative chambers.

3) Promote and Establish Partnerships
Promote and sign partnerships, intergovernmental working groups, enter into contracts with public or private institutions that are in line with the purposes and values of ABREN and its associates.

4) Certify Companies and Institutions
Certify companies that perform energy recovery from waste, composting, recycling and reverse logistics, certify electric energy distribution concessionaires that purchase electricity from waste energy generation, as well as certify industries, businesses and public agencies that allocate waste to energy projects. energy recovery, recycling and composting.

5) Propose Legal and Regulatory Solutions
Propose legal and regulatory solutions to technically and financially enable projects of interest to the waste energy recovery, recycling, composting and reverse logistics sector, in line with the association's values.

6) Promote, Conduct and Manage Studies
Encourage Research & Development (R&D) projects for waste energy recovery, recycling, composting, reverse logistics, hybrid generation, automation and other disruptive technologies within research institutions, as well as promoting technical and scientific knowledge within academic, political and community, through the organization or promotion of courses, workshops, post-graduation, master's and doctorate.

Mission and values
Our mission is to promote synergy between the public and private sectors, seeking income generation, jobs and sustainability for Brazil with the generation of clean and renewable energy. Our values are to develop activities with ethics, respect and responsibility, through strategic joint action with our associates, seeking a work environment conducive to development and professional training with excellence.

SHS, Qd. 06, Cj. A, Bl. C, Room 1.109, Asa Sul, Brasília, DF, Brasil

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