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Company/Institution/Governance name: AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL BRASIL

Contact: Simone Horvatin

Brazil is playing a role in driving the steady increase demand for energy. Through more demanding rules and laws to be applied in the environment and by the clime changes, they are looking for solutions and technologies abroad.  By 2025, the country will have to double its power capacity to meet the demand. By using more wind, solar and biomass plants, they can promote energy efficiency and replacing old technologies with innovative solutions. 

AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL is a web-based platform that provides accessible and direct trade. It has been launched in Brazil and over the last 3 yearss had up to 70.000 clicks. It becomes everyday more and more known, even it is addressed for a very specific target public.  AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL have running a pilot and had a number of users expressing significant interest in the portal. Some of the key features the users appreciate are the interest in the new technologies, the friendly interface and transparency. The solution gives the users total control over the inserted Ads and following up. 

AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL is an easy classified Ad’s portal, but what makes the difference, it is 100% for the environmental industries. For companies and institutions established in Brazil, it is for free to announce. For companies not established in Brazil, they need to contact SUPPLYgoGREEN, the only exclusive representative of AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL abroad. Why? Because it is a must for a company who wishes succeed in Brazil to be introduced in Portuguese for the market. SUPPLYgoGREEN has the responsibility to translate and locate each Ad before it is inserted.

Inserting an AD in Portuguese, it increases the chance of a company to find customers and partners, improving also the performance in the Brazilian search engine, as local, Google and others. For a very low budget, ads can be online in Brazil for one year long, time enough to test the market and check if there is a demand or interest. 

We offer: 

  • technical translation and adaptation, 

  • online marketing, 

  • sales channel development, 

  • corporative events. 

Out network is over 30.000 professionals working direct and indirectly in the 

environmental sectors (water and water treatment, energy, recycling, biomass, 

waste treatment and so on). 

If you have interest to introduce your products in Brazil, talk to us!

Titurelstrasse 9, 81925 Munich Germany

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