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"Creating a network of global opportunities, helping our customers to expand their business and consolidate partnerships worldwide. Adding values and benefits for a wide range of industries and governance, creating positive impacts on the environment around the world, which can improve people's lives, industrial processes and save our natural resources. These are all values we are working for! "

We have launched our environmental marketplace platform SUPPLYgoGREEN technologies for a green world at IFAT2018. It is a great satisfaction to be able to offer an innovative online service for companies and industries who active work to improve technologies, solutions and services for a sustainable world. 

We are an international marketing agency focused on promotion of the global environmental market. We offer a B2B advertising platforms to our users as an online marktplace to highlight worldwide environmental technologies, products and services.

In Europe, we have SUPPLYgoGREEN EUROPE, developed to be the first environmental marketplace focused to promote global manufacturers and services providers. Companies who are working for the segments of water, wastewater, solid waste, landfills, recycling, renewable energies (solar, wind, biomass), environmental events, courses and publications could advertise with us.  

In Brazil, we work exclusively with AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL O portal mais ambiental do Brasil, a committed environmental marketplace platform for the Brazilian market. Following the same concept of our platform in Europe, AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL reached in only two years online, over 480 advertisings, 54.000 views in Brazil and our social media grow up also quick. Our LinkedIn profile reached over 26.000 connections (high level of brazilian professionals, including industries and governance).  

How to publish with us? Our platforms are friendly-made and will guide you step-by-step. At first, you create an account to login in, then complete your profile. After all, you can insert and edit ads anytime, and manage directly the follow-up contacts.

Our main task is to remove barriers: making environmental technologies and solutions familiar and well-known to the potential customers worldwide.  

Our strategy is to spread the existing market leading environmental technologies to meet the global challenges and opportunities. It is important for us to work together with the environmental supply chain, being able to advertise their products and services. 

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